Once Upon A Modern Time [Nov 13 2010]


N.B This blog entry was written November 13, 2010.  The views and thoughts expressed may be outdated.  Unfortunately Facebook Notes does not allow me to transfer all my old notes over to this blog, therefore I have to manually insert them all. 


Once upon a modern time, in a busy metropolis lived a princess… She had long flowing hair like Rapunzel, with a tinge of red like Ariel. Searching for her prince started to become a tiring chore that almost seemed impossible.She had followed the advise of other princesses from centuries before, but seemed to end up with no luck.

The story starts when like Rapunzel, this young maiden found herself restricted and trapped, not in a tower but in a town that had nothing to offer her.  Her prince for the last three years, came along and rescued her taking her to a place full of opportunity, bright lights and wild nights.

Then they lived happily ever after…


bull shit ..

Really, after three weeks of living together these two realised that they weren’t cut out for ‘happily ever after’ just yet. They wanted to explore the world, so instead they gave up on their love and made there way through modern society.

It wasn’t too long after, when this young maiden found a man worthy to be her prince.  He was young, hard working, fought bears … of the corporate world, and was a talented singer… well at least of S Club 7 songs..

After what seemed like a few glorious months, one night this maiden was feeling quite delighted and decided to celebrate by drinking copious amounts of alcohol. The prince, disappointed in her, whisked her away to his castle, and laid her to rest.

Dead to the world, the only thing that could wake this maiden up would be a gentle kiss or siren.  However, instead she was awoken by a very drunken ‘prince’ forcing himself on her because he expected she wanted that.

Upset, frustrated and disappointed the princess swiftly left this prince behind.

Next, the princess quite upset still and confused by the decency of modern princes, thought she would try something different. He was tall and mysterious, and although earnt quite a lot of money and in a respected position, preferred being left alone.  The princess found herself trapped in the situation, she would try to leave on several occassions but would always be brought back to him.  His time was running out too.. he was getting to the point that if he grew colder, he would end up alone for the rest of eternity.

The princess saw a beautiful quality in this ‘beast’.  She adored him and repeatedly tried to prove to him that she loved him regardless of who he was, how we treated her or how different they were.  He always called her ‘beautiful’… though she began to grow cold and this word now meant nothing to her.

For what seemed like an eternity, the princess was trapped by his mind games.  Unable to escape.  Waiting on him to take her to a grandball or become the true prince she always thought he was in her eyes.  This never happened.  After two years of waiting on him to transform, he still stayed the same.

Frustrated by the lack of princes – she decided to spend time improving herself.  No longer did she want to be the damsel in distress seeking that prince to come and rescue her.  She invested in her career and education in a hope that this would keep her occupied, and make her more appealing to the princes of the modern world.

Of course next she met the street-rat.  He wasn’t a ‘prince’ really.  He was a common citizen, with a criminal love for drugs.  Although, she wouldn’t normally go for him, he looked like a prince with his chiseled abs and cheeky smile.  For a while she fooled herself into believing that she wanted a man like this – she wanted to be the one earning more, taking herself out on dates, paying for his dinner .. but then the time came when his true feelings were revealed and he admitted, he could never pursue her because he ‘couldn’t afford’ her.

In the meantime the princess went from prince to prince.  She saw what she thought was a frog, captivated by his sense of humour and great taste in music – but instead of this frog turning into a prince, he stayed a frog who was only capable of enjoying the princess’ presence if she was naked.

Then there was the time, when instead of the evil stepmother poisoning her with an apple, the princess was poisoned by a supposed ‘prince’ himself and instead of waking up to seven dwarfs, she woke up surrounding by seven ambulance officers, nurses and doctors.

Not soon after,  there was the prince she randomly met and decided to leave him a  to find her, if he really wanted to… but of course in the process of trying to find her, he found someone better.

Sick and tired of searching and ending up with nothing, this princess had no idea if there is even such a thing as  a modern day ‘prince charming’.  Until her fairy god mother invited her to a ball held in a palace on the river front.  Like Cinderella, she was only given a nights notice about the ball – but instead of being able to have someone conjure up an amazing dress, she did it herself.  Taking bits and pieces from necklaces, hair pieces and belts – the princess was ready for the ball. Anticipating a grand spectacle, with the possibility of just meeting that one true prince, the princess could hardly sleep that night.

When the day arrived, she was surrounded by the aristocrats of the city, she was the youngest one there with no prince in sight, but there were plenty of frogs and beasts.  She really was the belle of the ball, winning best dressed.  Her prize was to be enjoyed by two people.. of course..

Throughout the night many men approached her, buying her drink after drink until she almost couldn’t stand.  Angry at the world – she waltzed her way towards the river.  She decided to call the beast one last time, to see if he would rescue her.

When he finally answered her call, He really was a beast this time, angry at the princess he found her to put her in a carriage.  Off she went home. By herself with a prize she won for best dressed to be shared with a special some one…  herself.

The worst part of this story is that she’s not alone. She has many other princess friends that go through similar problems all in the hope that one day, that prince will come along.  It doesn’t matter how much each princess tries to improve themselves, it comes down to the material fact that these princes aren’t up to speed – chivalry and romance are dead.

This princess has begun to think that there is no such thing as happily ever after.  Maybe the advice to follow is found in Princess Fiona’s story – find an Ogre to love for a personality and heart will last longer than appearance or money.

The … end


Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth I – who run the world?

[the question is why do we always want to be the princess? I mean sure they found love, but they depended on that to make their life worth while.. there was no such ‘happily ever after’ without a prince involved. What about the queens? Weren’t they always the independent, strong women who stood their ground?

This little princess is sick in tired, so instead I think I’ll follow the lead of Queen Elizabeth and not need a male to provide me with the happiness I am searching for]



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