Corrupt Me


Everytime I see you
I remember why I’ve let it been so long…


Months pass and you barely cross my mind

But the second I’m in your presence, you take me back to a time where I was ready to give you everything


I wanted your good, bad, ugly

I wanted you to destroy me and corrupt my heart

Never have I met anyone who, within seconds of touching my bare skin

Has aroused all the senses in my body

Begging for you to take it all



I know who you are


I know every which way you’d like to make me yours

Then leave me in a heap of troubled mess on a stained and dirty bed

As much as I want you to take my heart, body and soul and tear it to shreds

I know, right now, I can’t let you have that power…

For if I do..

It’ll be the end of me





2 thoughts on “Corrupt Me

  1. Toni T

    This is a wonderful poem. It reminds me of my days in California, 20 years back. My parents enrolled me in this dumb program called Kumon. There used to be this guy who worked there. He used to be the assistant teacher at the Kumon learning center. He had the keys to the place. The Kumon learning center used to be closed for business during the week. We had a thing going. So he would sneak me into the center and we used to have torrid sex. My family moved to Houston and the days still bring a smile on my face.

    • forbidden sex is the best kind.. i’m glad this brought back some fond memories for you.. I hope by jotting down these thoughts it rekindles some kind of feelings for others who may not be able to express them

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