We’re A Little Bit of The Same In This Messed Up World [Nov 1, 2008]


you sing, i write…
you play, i act..

and i’m sorry its this way and that passion takes over me

i’m sorry i think too much and too deeply about things you never even considered.. i’m sorry its just the way things are in my mind and that all these words want to escape my mouth at once and hit you in the face..

but they never do . you don’t hear them

and even if you did what is it to you? what sense does it make?

i’m just the one who’s too emotional to understand emotion itself ..

i’m the one who dreams of bigger things than you believe are possible..

i’m the one who knows that this world needs a little bit of insanity to keep it rocking.. because without it.. we’d have nothing but monotony..

and the only thing that matters to you is yourself..

you and your words ..

and your chords and riffs..

all that matters to me is my words

and my lines and scripts

yet you say we’re so different.. when in reality.. we’re just a little bit of the same thing in a messed up world ..

a world you’re to naive to realise exists..

because you’re just a little bit too tainted to understand its this world that begs for you to give it more




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