Maybe You’ll Remember While I Forget [Dec 28, 2009]


I keep writing these words

and everytime i try to send

my fingers find the ‘back’ button far too enticing..

the little cursor finds the box with a cross a temptress

…highlighted, the words all vanish with a quick tap of any key

so why can’t i just beg for more?
why is my head too stubborn to let my heart win this one time?
maybe it’s because i heard that song hoping you’d arrive and save me from the truth that was flirting with my drunk mind

maybe it’s because you never really met me halfway or further than that…
and yes – it was too much to ask of you.

i keep deleting your number – only to add it back into my phone a moment later

i keep thinking it’s time to call

to see how you are

my heart is almost as stubborn… she won’t let go of this, and slowly she’s trying to convince the rest of me to ask you one simple question

my head won’t be so foolish

i just need to hold on to what i know

and obviously it’s not your mind

it’s not your heart

it’s not the soul i saw in your eyes
or the hope your smile gave me

it’s not in your kiss

it’s not anymore a part of me

i’m going back to that person i know best

the one that didn’t let you in for such a long time

the person who kept finding flaws in you

the person who found all the right words to hurt you

the person who was strong enough to turn you away

maybe then
you’ll remember

i’ll just forget you




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