A Novel Idea.


I’m currently working on a novel that I’ve found is an amazing way to express years of thoughts trapped otherwise with no means of release.

I keep starting and stopping.

I find myself wincing at the thoughts these words bring back.

And feelings that I thought I had long forgotten.

I feel as those these characters are alive in my mind all the time.
That I don’t want to place them through these ordeals that I have to in order to get all of these frustrated thoughts out of my head.

I know it’s just fiction… but it’s such a massive part of my heart and damaged soul that I’m putting on display.

How do I find the strength to keep going when I just want to let go of that part of my life?


One thought on “A Novel Idea.

  1. madimccarthy97

    I think you’ll find that self-motivation is the best way to convince yourself to keep going. While displaying your inner thoughts and emotions through your writing is an amazing thing and something that will help you produce a story worth reading, it’s a good idea to leave a level of anonymity so that any potential readers who know you can read it and not necessarily connect it back to you, while when you read it, it is a weight off your shoulders.

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