Letter to My Inspiration


When I first started writing this blog, I was inspired by one of my favourite authors and bloggers, Jenny Lawson.  I had just finished reading her book when I got out of hospital and thought that she deserved to know how she had touched me (not literally, but metaphorically).


I wrote an email to her, which I have just re-read and thought – hell why not share it with everyone.  Also, she may have reported me to border patrol to make sure I am never allowed to enter the US.  Either way, here it is.

Hi Jenny

Firstly I have to address something that I thought was slightly amusing before I sent this email (and just in case you did in fact receive 5 empty emails prior to this).  Gmail decided to let me enter an address and subject but no body of text, and so while I was tabbing I kept tapping the ‘send’ button… I just thought it would be kinda confusing and a tad stalkerish if you received multiple emails with the title, ‘Greetings From Down Under’… I’d almost be checking what my vagina was getting up to.  No need to worry, your vagina hasn’t grown hands and there is no baby sticking out sending you emails, it’s just a fan from Australia sending you a bit of fan love.

Anyway, the purpose for my email was that I wanted to thank you for your wonderful book.  I’m not going to lie, I bought it for about $15 at a book sale solely for the fact that there was a Hamlet mouse on the front and well it sounded like the title of every Sunday morning for me.

Your book really inspired me to start writing again, and there were times where I almost felt as though you were my long lost Texan sister.  I have been dealing with depression, anxiety and border line personality disorder for quite some time and reading your book made me feel like there was at least 1 other person out there just as wonderfully insane as me.

No but seriously, it was a very refreshing honest take on the world and had me in fits of laughter at several occasions. I have read segments of the book to various friends and family members persuading them to read it.  It has been quite successful, apart from my stepmum – who after I read the section about the Harry Potter vagina scar (which I thought was a wise way to entice her to read it, since she’s a huge Harry Potter fan and a nurse…) gave me a roll of the eyes.  When this happened I stated that it’s a great funny book with some very serious and heart felt moments… Later that night she asked what the chapter I was reading was called… You know, at family dinner, it doesn’t sound so normal to say ‘My Vagina Is Fine … Thanks For Asking’.

I’m slowly convincing her to read it… but I think she’s still into that 50 Shades of Grey bullshit over factual stories.

Anyway…. totally off track.  But yes, the point of this email was to thank you for making it easier for me to accept my conditions and give me hope that I will one day find some one who will accept this is who I am and put up with all the crazies.I’ve been writing on and off for the last 6 years or so, and recently decided to start a blog instead of just abusing my facebook rights and to be honest, I can’t lose too many more friends.

I’d be so honored if you would have a look and give me some pointers if you can or any advice on how to get more involved in the writing world.

Kind regards,
Your Fan from down under.. (Australia… not your skirt)

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