What’s The Time Mr Wolf?



The force that controls our life more than we ever want it to, since the day we are born we are defined by time and what we do with that time.

We spend hours upon hours complaining at the time it takes to get lunch, finish that project at work, complete study and how far away the weekend is and yet how quickly it also disappears.

I look at life now, and I wish I had known years ago how precious time was when I was younger – instead of spending hours complaining or waiting for something to happen… I wish I had just spent it taking myself up on those challenges, working harder to forge stronger friendships and more time with the people who had little time left on this planet…

The time itself was always going to pass, that was inevitable… but what I did with it, that’s what changed the world and who I am now…


Timing itself is the real bitch in life.

You can meet the most incredible person, spend hour upon hour smiling in their presence, not release how much time has passed and then watch them in a couple of seconds push you away forever.

All those hours, minutes and seconds spent laughing, cuddling, kissing, making love, just enjoying being together are lost in time because for one reason or another… the timing wasn’t right in their life.


You can be and have everything… but if that person isn’t at a time in their life where they are ready for endless time together – then it means nothing.

So once your heart is broken, once you decide it’s time to be alone and re-build your confidence and self esteem, how are you expected to let someone in?

What if, the timing wasn’t right for them, and now the timing isn’t right for you to let a seemingly amazing person in?

Someone, who says they’re willing to wait – but doesn’t realise that the time they spend waiting for you to be ready, is time they could be spending loving the right person – while you’re still loving the wrong person. While you sit there hoping that as time goes by, they’ll only miss you rather than move on.  When in reality, you’re wasting time waiting for a love that will never be returned.

I wish I had more time with you – because I’m still struggling to believe you have no time left for me.

Now, I have no space in my heart, to want to give time to someone who so obviously deserves it.

All because I gave you more time than you were ever ready to spend on me.


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