He rhetorically asked,
“I don’t know how you could fall in love with me within a few weeks?”
I laughed and at that moment knew he didn’t even love himself and therefore failed to understand how anyone else could.

“I never said I was madly or deeply in love with you – I said I love you, and I still do. I love you for who you are and everything you make me feel. You’re an incredible person and me saying I love you, is my way of saying I completely appreciate all of you.”

I was never asking for love in return.
I give love freely and sometimes a bit too easily…

Because what is this world without love and appreciation.

All too often we critisice and judge others; speak hateful words in front of them or behind their backs.

But we do it more to ourselves than anyone else.

I didn’t ever need you to love me back.
I have spent a long time learning to love myself.
I appreciate my qualities and what I have to offer.

I was happy in my knowledge that I was the reason you smiled and laughed in the moments we spent together.

All I ever needed you to do, was to love yourself.

That way, when someone gives you their love – you’ll know to accept it.
Rather than pushing it away and rejecting it, you’ll allow yourself to be happy.

You’ll realise you deserve to be happy.
You deserve to laugh and smile.
You deserve to be respected, admired and appreciated.

Life is far too short to hide behind fears of intimacy and rejection.

Embrace your capacity to be happy and someone’s else’s willingness to make you happy.

That is all I ever asked for.

Embrace love and you’ll truly embrace life.



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