What Love Meant


She glanced over to her right, lying there was this man of more than she ever believed she deserved. His face was docile and peaceful as he slept, although every now and then his mouth and nose twitched, he looked calm and relaxed.

She wondered what he was dreaming about. She had always dreamed of finding someone exactly like him, but surrendered herself to the loneliness of many nights past looking down an empty Merlot bottle.

It seemed so sureeal to her, even after all this time, after all the nights spent falling asleep beside each other in sober laughter or drunken stupor and waking up in a myriad of smiles or rushed kisses and nose rubs; that a man so wonderful would choose her over anyone else.

The happiness he brought to her life was indescribable. The sense of belonging she had always desired finally found home in his heart – she knew nothing she could say or do would beyond his scope of understanding or his capacity to make her understand her errors in a careful manner to only ensure she would be happier knowing he wanted her to be the best version of herself.

For the first time in her life, regardless of the amount of times she had uttered the words before, she understood what love meant.


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