Time and distance has separated us but it have never driven us apart
I love you immensely for never judging me on my irrational writing and words and for always seeing the love and care I mean behind them when others don’t

The day I first saw you I literally said “wow – she is beautiful” and no one I have ever met that has met you has disagreed.

I admire you immensely for your strength ..
For standing up for your heart when it was possible to walk down the aisle with the wrong man

I admire you for your heart
You honestly see and believe the best in everyone you meet
I know this has hurt you and I know this has let you down
But the people who matter and the people who know you
Know that this is such a rare and precious gift and will never ignore or dismiss it

I love you for saving me
For bringing me to God when I refused to believe in myself
For showing me that all the hurt and pain was only a stepping stone to a true, meaningful and respectful life

I would travel the world to see the man of your dreams marry you and I’m so grateful that I had the honor of watching this

You are such a rare gem and I know I will be able to return my love and appreciation of you tenfold when the time is right

You are one of my soul mates

And I will love you till the end

Take care my darling, and I’ll be with you soon Xox


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